Why Meticulice
is Different:

-Over 7 years of clinical lice removal experience, treating families just like yours.
-All natural. No poisons or pesticides.
-The solution when store brands and prescriptions fail.
-Customer service to support you every step of the way.
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Customer Product feedback

Several friends had told me their kids had endured lice and the problems around them while in camp this past summer. So when my grandson came home from school earlier this month with the same problem, I immediately ordered this shampoo for his mom. Problem solved (and it smells good too)!
Wonderful product for girls that go to school!
Love this product. Many schools are allowing kids to go back to class and remain in school even if they have lice. This product has been amazing at keeping my daughter’s long hair safe, even when she wears it down and not in braids! Great smell too.
My girlfriend’s granddaughter was having such a tough time with lice during camp and I recommended this kit. She got it, used it and her granddaughter was thrilled because it smelled good, didn’t make a mess and didn’t embarrass her with her friends. A great result!
I put this in my daughter’s hair every morning and so far no lice even when some of her classmates had it. Buying another bottle.
This shampoo, conditioner and spray works great!! I have started to use them about 2 or 3 months ago when the school told me there was a student with lice and my kids have not gotten them!


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