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Why Does My Head Itch?

Why Does My Head Itch?
One tell-tale sign that it is time to check your head for lice is the itch. Not every itch means head lice, but persistant itching should be checked. Here at Meticulice we are often asked why head lice makes a person itch so we thought we would share the answer here.

  1. It is important to know that itching may take up to three months to begin and does not necessarily indicate that lice has recently been contracted.
  2. The itching is not caused by the bites of the head lice, but rather by an allergic reaction to the bites.
  3. Sores or raw skin may develop on the scalp from frequent scratching. Watch for infection caused by skin bacteria.
  4. Promptly call a doctor if there is sign of infection.
Questions?  Call Meticulice and one of our trained specialists will be happy to help!