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Trust is Important at Meticulice

Trust is Important at Meticulice

Head lice has long been a taboo subject which people deal with in secrecy and shame. Credit this to the spread of myths such as, “only dirty people get lice!” Nowadays, people are beginning to understand that head lice has no link to hygiene and we are all at risk. Meticulice offers head lice education to individuals, schools or groups to help dispel the myths and spread the facts. 

Even with the correct information, head lice remains a very personal and emotional issue. Our staff has been trained to provide comfort and education in addition to lice removal. We believe in building strong relationships with our clients and strive to earn your trust from the point of first contact, to the consultation, and through the treatment process.

Parents and caregivers are typically upset when they first contact us. We take the time to explain the head lice removal process and what they can expect to experience.  We comfort the child(ren) as we guide them through the process and educate them on head lice prevention. Our facility is warm and inviting to both kids and adults. We have chalkboard walls for the kids to draw on and plenty of crayons, paper, and books.  The person being treated will feel so pampered that they forget they are having lice removed form their head!

Our business has grown largely due to personal referrals and we appreciate the trust our clients have placed in us. If you have any questions regarding head lice treatment or education, please call Meticulice at 631-320-LICE.