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TIPS to Prevent “Super Lice”

TIPS to Prevent “Super Lice”

Every family fears the inevitable invasion of head lice. Now, there is a “super lice” bug to worry about.Research presented at the American Chemical Society mentioned 25 states where lice are resistant to typical over-the-counter treatments. What is a family to do?
The first step to avoid a lice breakout in your home: Lice don’t fly; they crawl, so make it difficult for the little guys to crawl onto your family’s heads! Tie long hair up as often as possible – buns are great, but even braids and ponytails will help minimize the surface area that long, flowy hair will touch in a given day. Spray Meticulice’s Minty’s Defense & Detangling Spray on the kids’ heads daily as part of the get-ready routine.
If a lice breakout is happening at the school, I take extra precautions to prevent it from spreading: I keep the brushes and hair accessories in a large zip top plastic bag in the freezer (which will kill lice).
The Second Step Do  regular checks on your child’s head for lice and nits (lice eggs). If the thought of doing a check seems icky, remember this: It won’t be icky unless you find lice. And if you find lice, trust me; a small case of lice is a day at the spa compared to a full-blown household infestation. (This is the voice of experience.)

The best defense against “Super Lice”  Is to Take a Peek Once a Week using our Lice Detection Kit 

Meticulice offers these following tips to to prevent Super Lice

  • ·       Spray hair with Minty’s Defense & Detangling Spray
  • ·       Comb through hair with a detangler comb
  • ·       Once hair is completely coated and combed through, you can begin using the Gotcha! Terminator Lice & Nit Comb. Grasp hair as if you were placing in to a ponytail.
  • ·       Starting at the right side of the head, begin combing from hairline to ends. Use a white paper towel to remove any evidence of lice/nits that may be on the comb. We recommend “grating the comb” (separating the tines of the comb with your fingers) to ensure that all evidence of lice/nits is removed from hair.
  • ·       Continue combing hair from right to left until hair is completely combed through. Then repeat process going from left to right. Continue combing using this right to left/left to right method until you do not see any visible evidence of lice/nits on comb or paper towel.