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THANKS for GIVING me lice!

THANKS for GIVING me lice!

This Thanksgiving we won’t be thankful for the lice we got but for the removal. This is the time where families are traveling around the world to see loved ones and spend the holidays together. This is the busiest time of year, we don’t have time to stress over head lice. Here are just a few tips on how to prevent lice that will have you being very thankful this Thanksgiving.

  • Don’t let your children share any combs or hair accessories
  • Girls hair should always be worn up in a bun or braid
  • Style the children’s hair with some gel or mouse this way it makes it harder for the bug to attach to the hair
  • If you are having family stay at your home it would be a great idea to vacuum loafing areas,wash and dry sheets and pillow cases you also may freeze hair brushes.
  • If spending a night at a families home bring your own blanket and pillow
  • Check your child’s head regularly with a nit comb especially before and after visiting family
  • Use a repellant product or Meticulice defense and detangling spray daily to prevent the spread of lice

Want more tips on preventing head lice please visit our website at Meticulice.com

It is very known that Head lice outbreaks increase after the holiday break so remember to follow these tips to prevent holiday lice!