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Spring Lice Prevention Secrets Revealed

Spring Lice Prevention Secrets Revealed

Meticulice Tips on Lice Prevention for Spring and Summer

Spring is almost here! Our kids will soon be playing outside, riding bikes, scooters, playing sports, as well as sharing helmets and other sports accessories.  This is all great, it just means it will be time for some extra-preventatice lice care!
Now is the time to begin preventative measures to ensure that you remain LICE FREE all summer long.
At Meticulice we tell our clients the importance of weekly lice checks, or once a week take a peek.  Using a detangler comb, spray bottle filled with water or Meticulice Two in One Prevention spray and the Meticulice Ultimate Lice Fighter Comb or another highly rated stainless steel lice head comb.  Do a quick comb all the way through to see if any bugs are crawling or nits stuck to the hair shaft.  With weekly checks  if bugs or nits are found, chances are it will be a minor infestation and able to be treated with minimal time and cost.

Here are further tips for Prevention for a Lice free season:

1.  Do not Share hats, combs, brushes, hair ties, towels, helmets, ipod earphones, pillows sleeping bags, etc.

2. Keep hair up in a braid or ponytail and use Meticulice Two in One Prevention spray studies have shown that Mint and other essential herbs help repel head lice   Also the products we sell at Meticulice have studies to show that the products have an ovicidal (capable of killing eggs)effect against head lice.

3. Do not wash hair everyday.  Lice have an easier time attaching themselves to a clean hair shaft.

4.Store all jackets, hats, backpacks etc., in separate cubbies.

5. Do your weekly head checks paying close attention to the five hotspots: nape of neck, behind the ears, part lines and crown of head.

6. Do not touch other children’s hair.

7. Avoid head to head contact in school hugging etc.,.

8. Do not share party hats, costumes, tiaras or feather boas at birthday parties.

9. Use caution when trying hats on at stores use Meticulice Preventative spray before and or Ultimate Lice fighting  comb after.

10. Use a lint roller prior to sitting on movie, airplane and stadium seats that are fabric based.

11.  Recognize the symptoms of head lice watch include itching at the scalp, small red bumps or sores on the neck or scalp.