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Simple Steps You Can Take To Have A Lice-Free Halloween!

Simple Steps You Can Take To Have A Lice-Free Halloween!

Halloween is fast approaching! Many children will be enjoying trick or treating and running around with their friends in fun costumes. While many schools are beginning to allow children to wear appropriate costumes to school tomorrow, we know kids love to try on their friend’s costumes! You don’t have to worry about your little ghosts and goblins coming home with head lice. Here are some common questions asked by parents to help make sure your child won’t have lice after this fun day!\

– Should I not allow my child to try on costumes and hats at the store?
Not necessarily. Lice can only survive being off of someone’s head for 48-72 hours. While it is still possible if a bug was recently left in a hat or costume, you can visually check a hat to see if there’s a bug in it. Go home that day and do a wet head check just to make sure that nothing transferred! If you’re concerned, buy the costume and leave it on the hanger in your home for 48-72 hours. Any bug that could’ve been on there would be dead after that time.

-My child is going to a party. How do I protect my child from possibly getting head lice?


There are many precautionary measures we can take to help reduce the risk of getting head lice. Two very valuable tools for preventing head lice is a lice comb and mint spray. The mint spray acts as a natural repellent to lice. . and it smells good! The lice comb is especially important. While your child’s hair is wet, after a shower is best, comb through their hair and see if you see any evidence. Anything that could have been contracted should be brushed out at that time. So for the party, try to keep their hair up so it won’t be in contact with other children’s hair. Spray their hair and around the back of their ears and neck with mint spray. Then when they return home, give them a comb through with a lice comb!

-What do I do if I do find evidence that my child has head lice after Halloween?

There are different options in how you can handle this. The most effective way in our opinion is to bring them to a removal boutique, like Meticulice. This way we can ensure that all live has been removed and it will give you peace of mind as well. The other option is to get natural removal products, which Meticulice also offers. We will instruct you on what you’d need to do, and we suggest coming in for a wet head check afterwards so you know that it has all been removed.

We want Halloween to be a fun day for everyone, and to not be consumed with fear of getting head lice. We hope this has eased your fear and that your children stay clear!