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Oh No! I Found Lice!

Oh No! I Found Lice!
So it’s 12 AM and you have just finished another long day. Suddenly, your daughter rushes into your bedroom saying, “I can’t sleep! My head is itchy!”. Oh no! It cant be lice! Not on MY daughter.
So now what do you do? Your first thought may be to run to the 24 hour pharmacy and pick up one of those chemical based lice products…  But wait, you remember Mary told you that when Monica had head lice she tried to use that and it did not work. Then you remember learning about the experts at Meticulice. Instead of running out of the house to the pharmacy, you turn on your computer and head to the Meticulice website.

Meticulice recommends the following: Stay calm. The likelihood that the child contracted head lice that day is slim to none. More likely, the child has been sharing space with these pesky visitors for at least a couple of weeks, even as much as 3 to 4 weeks! Knowing this should lessen the panic and overwhelming need to get them out right this minute!  If your child is uncomfortable and itchy, give a bendadryl or another antihistamine to soothe.

Aside from staying calm, the best action (not reaction) is to run a lice comb through the child’s hair, thus minimizing the bug population. The next day, when you are not so bleary eyed and exhausted, you can go completely through the hair, or take them to be professionally deloused.

Having a good lice comb in your home is a must for every parent. Unfortunately most parents wait until the need arises and then frantically search in vain for the needed tools to help their family through this dreaded time period. Besides combing, the parent may also want to shampoo the hair with a nice mint based shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo won’t eliminate the problem but, like the comb, it will absolutely help minimize it. Finally, if possible, pull the hair back into a bun or braid; that way you help minimize additional spreading of the bugs until the child can be properly treated. Do not begin a mega cleaning! Wait to start stripping sheets and vacuuming couches – all cleaning efforts should be reserved for the actual day of treatment.

Help put your mind at ease by using the “Book Now” feature on Meticulice’s web site. Now that you know you have an appointment booked for 8:30 in the morning, you can get some rest. Your daughter will be lice free within two hours of your visit. Don’t forget to book appointments for each family member to have a thorough head check also. Just in case the lice has spread from one head to another, it is better to treat everyone at the same time and avoid a never ending cycle!

Please contact us for more information. Emails and texts are answered from 6am -11pm, seven days a week, generally within 15 minutes of submission.