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Natural Prevention and Elimination

Natural Prevention and Elimination
A recent journal of Medical Entomology is reporting that there is new genetically modified strains of head lice that are now resistant to all forms of OTC head lice products.

“Our approach is manual versus chemical removal,” explained Elissa Rand, President and Founder of Meticulice. “We use the leading head lice comb on the market along with our all natural elimination product containing natural enzymes & herbal extracts. This formula makes it easy to manually remove lice and eggs. It takes patience, but it’s a proven method.”
Meticulice offers removal services in East Setauket as well as in-home services on Long Island Founded in 2010; Meticulice’s vision is to dispel the stigma associated with head lice and to stop the overuse and abuse of pesticides on children and our environment.

“Every parent who calls Meticulice begins the conversation with ‘I’ve used all the major brands the drugstore sells. Why are the bugs still moving and isn’t this bad the smell is awful? We have known for a long time that resistance has been evolving in the louse.” This is not the first study proving the resistance.
Our mission is to change the way people treat head lice and to meet a universal demand for head lice help by delivering environmentally friendly superior products and services – just the solution called for in the Journal of Medical Entomology research abstract.  Progressive pharmacy chains are making such alternatives available and are educating their pharmacists to the recent study and what they can do to better help their clients.