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National Nurses and Teachers Day

National Nurses and Teachers Day


The start of May marks a very important date : May 6, National Nurses AND Teachers Day. Two of our favorite type of people here at Meticulice. Nurses and teachers are some of the hardest workers, and two of the greatest tools in head lice prevention.

We celebrate our nurses and teachers every day, but today is a special day to go out of your way to thank them for their hard work and dedication. Meticulice would like to take the time out to share with you how they help us in lice prevention.

The first step starts with teachers. When teachers come to us for help in prevention for their classrooms, we give some basic steps. Each child in a class should have their own cubby or locker, not sharing a space. Teachers should try their best to make sure each child doesn’t share hats, scarves, coats, combs and brushes, pillows and mats for nap time, hair accessories, stuffed toys, etc. A thorough cleaning of their classroom should be done often, and mint protection spray misted each day.

Teachers are most likely the first ones to start noticing a child with an itchy head or one who has a “glow” above them. Once that happens, the school nurse will take over.

School nurses play many roles in head lice detection and prevention. They are a detective, a jury, a judge. The first step is to notify the parents, even before examining the child’s head. Once the evidence is found, they inform the parents of the the proper steps to take. The child is sent home, and the staff is informed that a student has been infected.

The nurse will then organize a screening of the students.This when Meticulice will come in and do a thorough screening of every student. If more evidence is found, it will be given to the nurse who will again notify the parents. During a screening information is given to the staff to keep them informed of what head head lice is, how to keep students and staff as protected as possible, mint sprays are handed out, and prevention products are available.

While everyday we show love to nurses and teachers, today it is important that we take that extra moment to stop and say thank you. Meticulice knows that they are an important factor in head lice prevention, and we are proud to work alongside of them.