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Meticulice Encourages Expression of Feelings About Head Lice

Meticulice Encourages Expression of Feelings About Head Lice
Having head lice can be a very emotional experience. First of all, there is still a stigma that people with poor hygiene get head lice. Not true at all. Head lice don’t discriminate between dirty or clean, rich or poor, and young or old. Second, ridding yourself of head lice can be a time consuming and tedious process. So it is no wonder that children can feel overwhelmed when they learn that they have head lice.

Here at Meticulice we recognize that children, and adults, face a number of feelings along with the head lice and we provide an environment for them to face the feelings and be empowered. Our salon is clean, bright and welcoming an our clients feel like they are here to be pampered.

Education is a big part of what we offer at Meticulice. We help remove the stigma and teach prevention to help our clients feel empowered. We have a large brightly colored chalkboard across half of our back wall which is titled “Get Your Licesense” and is full of tips to prevent contracting head lice.

Helping our clients address their feelings about having head lice is one of the things that makes Meticulice stand out. The second half of our back wall is covered by another chalkboard. This one is titled “Meticuboard” and has buckets of colored chalk hanging below it. Our clients, young and old, express themselves on this board. They draw pictures and write things such as “I was deliceafied”, “Katie doesn’t have lice”, and “Bye Bye Lice”. The written expressions help both the writer and other clients who enter our salon.

Our clients enter our salon feeling overwhelmed and stressed out about having head lice. We get extreme satisfaction by helping them calm down and feel better about the situation. Watching our clients leave with smiles on their faces brightens our days as much as theirs!