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Looking for Lice? Use the Wet Combing Method!

Looking for Lice? Use the Wet Combing Method!
Have you ever wondered whether a wet comb will detect head lice better than dry comb?  Probably not. But fortunately, Dr. Claudia Jahnke of the City Health Department in Braunschweig, Germany did.  The results of her study prove that using the “wet combing” method is much more accurate in identifying active infestations.

Each of the specialists at Meticulice has been thoroughly trained in the wet combing method.  In addition, Elissa Rand has been certified in the world renowned Shepherd Method of strand by strand nit removal and provides training to her staff. The head lice removal is done in a 3 part treatment process.

  • An enzyme-based solution is applied to the head to break down the exoskeleton of the lice and help loosen the fixative glue that secures the nits to the hair shaft.
  • A thorough combing of the hair is done, which removes 80 to 85 % of all lice and nits.
  • Hair is sectioned off and examined in paper thin layers ensuring that all visible lice and nits have been removed from each strand of hair. This requires a highly skilled and precise technician.  Hair is blown dry (if still damp from treatment product) and thoroughly rechecked to ensure that all lice and nits have been removed. Once complete, more product is applied and combed through and hair is pulled back in a ponytail, braid or bun. It should stay on for at least two hours and be washed out prior to going to bed.If you have concerns that you or a family member might have head lice, come see the specialists at Meticulice for a thorough head check.  Detecting and treating head lice can be a time consuming and frustrating task. Let our specialists handle it for you so you can feel confident with the results!