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Make It Part of Your Routine – Prevent Head Lice

Checking for head lice should be a normal part of every family’s personal hygiene routine, like brushing your teeth or washing your hair. It should be done regularly, ideally once a week (just remember, TAKE A PEEK, ONCE A WEEK)! A great time to do a head check is at bathing time. Condition hair with Minty Mango Conditioner, (or another head lice prevention conditioner). Leave the conditioner in their hair to make combing smoother and by reducing tangles.

You can make this experience even more stress-free by:
• Showing children how to check their own hair using our Gotcha! Terminator Lice & Nit Comb
• Using the weekly peek as an opportunity to tell a story or ask about their day
• Asking them to check your hair for you
• Rewarding your child for each week’s successful search
• Turning it into a fun game of hide and seek
• Putting their favorite TV program or DVD on as a distraction

Where to Peek

Close to the scalp

Behind your ears

The nape of the neck

The top of the head

At the front hairline

What to Peek for

Adult lice are 2-4mm long, nymphs
are even smaller

Live lice remain close to the scalp

Nits – remove by combing and/or
with use of fingernail/tweezer

How to Peek

Comb through hair with a detangler comb

Once hair is completely coated and combed through, you can begin using the Gotcha! Terminator Lice & Nit Comb. Grasp hair as if you were placing in to a ponytail.

Use a white paper towel to remove any evidence of lice/nits that may be on the comb. We recommend, “grating the comb” (separating the tines of the comb with your fingers) to ensure that all evidence of lice/nits is removed from hair.

Starting at the right side of the head, begin combing from hairline to ends.

Continue combing hair from right to left until hair is completely combed through. Then repeat the process by going from left to right. Continue combing using this method until you do not see any visible evidence of lice/nits on comb or paper towel.

Prevention Against Head Lice

If there is no sign of head lice but you still believe your child may be at risk of infestation following an outbreak warning from the school or with a sleepover approaching, be rest assured that there are steps you can take to protect your child’s hair.

Meticulice Prevention Products have been proven effective, and work by breaking the life cycle of the head lice and stopping them from breeding and migrating.

Prevention is the key to successfully keeping head lice away! Our top ingredient feature in our products is peppermint oil, which has recently been proven to be more effective in comparison to others. Katie Shepard of Lice Solutions advised: “Studies we’ve done with a variety of products show that mint-based formulas are about 90 percent effective in repelling lice.”

Our Take a Peek Kit Includes: LED Magnifying glasses, Minty Defense, Detangling & Detection Spray and our Gotcha! Nit Terminator Comb