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Head Lice Screenings and False Positives

Head Lice Screenings and False Positives
Here at Meticulice we take the business of head lice and nits very seriously. This all starts at your initial screening to determine whether or not you have a positive head lice diagnosis. One thing we will always strive for at Meticulice is to never give out false positives. 
A false positive is a diagnosis of head lice when in fact you do not have head lice.  A screening is usually done by a nurse, health care practitioner, or parent.  These screenings are done by the use of an orange stick, a magnifying lamp, and a check of the five hot spots (nape of the neck, crown of the head, bang area, and above the ears).   False positives start a domino effect of stress, anxiety, and unnecessary expense and time.
Meticulice prides itself on doing everything we can during a screening to never give you a false positive diagnosis. If we deem someone positive we will share the evidence we find.  At our head lice removal boutique we take extra steps to provide you with the proper diagnosis.  We use a wet combing method, which has been proven to be much more effective than a screening alone.
While there is a loss of credibility with a false positive diagnosis, above all it causes unnecessary expenses and stress for families. What we have to offer you are a confident, knowledgeable, and highly trained staff of specialists.  We strive to keep all our clients informed with the most up to date head lice education and knowledge to better empower you during this difficult time.  Our trained specialists will answer all your questions, and are always just a phone call away to keep the dialogue going.
Meticulice will always strive to never give out false positives and to highly educate and inform our clients to help prevent future outbreaks.