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Head Lice Prevention for Back to School

Head Lice Prevention for Back to School

Five Misconceptions About Head Lice

September is National Lice Awareness Month

Meticulice, Suffolk County’s leading certified head lice removal service specializing in natural and non-toxic techniques, is offering $10 head checks from Wednesday, September 4th through Friday, October 4th.

This special program, conducted at the Meticulice East Setauket boutique or at your home, is in recognition that September is National Lice Awareness month. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that somewhere between 6 and 12 million people in the United States are infested annually.

We want to send children back to school lice-free, to raise awareness about head lice, and to encourage prevention to help stop this epidemic from growing.

Awareness begins with education, and some of the most common misconceptions about head-lice are:

Myth #1: Lice gravitate to dirty or unhygienic hair and scalps.

FALSE: Head lice prefer clean hair and scalps. This allows them to move more freely through the hair and allows their nits (louse eggs) to bond to hair strands.

Myth #2: Head lice can jump and fly, making them highly contagious.

FALSE: Head lice do not jump nor do they fly. They do not maneuver very well on flat surfaces, either. They are, however, very quick in the hair and can sometimes remain undetected for 30 days or more. Head-to-head contact is the #1 cause of head lice infestations.

Myth #3: Over-the-counter head lice treatments are safe and effective.

FALSE: Many over-the-counter products are highly concentrated pesticides that can be absorbed through the skin and into our bloodstream. They are also ineffective, as the head louse has built up a resistance to the pesticides; they do nothing to kill the nits.

Myth #4: Once you have lice you’re less likely to catch it again.

FALSE: Lice leave a scent that actually “calls” other lice telling them you are a good food source. Additionally you often return to the same group of friends where lice most likely already exist.

Myth #5: You can drown and wash away lice if you take a long shower and wash your hair repeatedly.

FALSE: Lice shut down for up to 2 hours and lock their claw like legs onto the hair shaft: allowing them to hang on for dear life!

Prevention and Treatment

Parents should be on the lookout for early signs of lice infestations and take the necessary steps to treat their children. If one member of a family has lice, it is imperative to treat the entire family at the same time.

If you treat your kids one night, and wait to treat yourself the next night, it can keep spreading. One of the most common signs of head-lice is scalp itching, particularly at the back of the head and around the ears.

Specialized products that immobilize the live lice and nymphs and then break the bond between the hair and the glue-like substance that holds the nit to the hair shaft must be used. Manual nit removal, which is the process of going strand-by-strand through the hair to physically remove the nits, is the only way to ensure lice are completely removed.

Running a superior head lice comb through the hair once or twice a week is a helpful way to stay on top of potential re-infestations or catch a new case in its infancy. Discourage children and family members from sharing hair tools and accessories (such as brushes, combs, ponytail holders, headbands, etc.), clothes, towels, hats, scarves and similar items.

Our goal at Meticulice is to offer a relaxing, friendly atmosphere while we carefully get rid of those pesky head lice. And after your first removal, we offer a 30-day guarantee where you can come in for free head checks to ensure that you are lice-free.