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Head Lice and the Elderly

Head Lice and the Elderly

Most often the talk about head lice is focused on children, and maybe the grown folks who live with them. But as we frequently tell you, head lice does not just affect kids. Lice is transmitted from head to head contact so anyone and everyone is susceptible.

Why are children so often the focus? They spend most of their time in close proximity to one another. In classrooms, locker rooms, sports fields, sleepovers, etc. These environments make the transmission of head lice easy. In addition, kids may share hair brushes, pillows, blankets and more.

A group that is often overlooked is the elderly. People residing in nursing homes and assisted living facilities should be carefully checked for head lice. Their environment is much like that of kids. They spend a lot of time in close proximity with others. Bedding may be shared. Grooming may be a bit more difficult for them than it once was and it is possible they may not realize what the initial symptoms signify.

If you have an elderly loved one, bring them to Meticulice for a head check to be sure they are lice free.  If you would like information on bringing Meticulice to your facility, please call and ask to speak with Elissa!