Family Members Are Not the Only Ones Who Travel for Thanksgiving!

Family Members Are Not the Only Ones Who Travel for Thanksgiving!
WooHoo! Thanksgiving is around the corner and everyone is looking forward to a long weekend of relaxation and time spent with friends and family. But heads up! At any given time, 2 – 3 percent of the population has head lice. This means that head lice may hitch a ride with a favorite relative and share the holiday with you too!
Think of all of the wonderful possibilities for head lice to pass from person to person over the Thanksgiving weekend. There is the long car ride where kids sit with their heads close together sharing earbuds while looking at their tech devices. There is the crowding of family members into sleeping arrangements and shared bedding. Forgot a hat and want to play in the family football game? Sure! Borrow one of ours! Wait! That was MY hairbrush not YOURS! Oh and we can’t forgot all of the shopping done over this weekend! Yes! That hat looks great on you (just like it did on the people who tried it on before you)! Sweaters, hoodies and more going over your hair after going over countless other heads. Oh my it can feel frightening!
But do not fear! Meticulice is here to help! Come see us for a head check prior to this most dangerous of weekends. Let us check and be sure you are lice free to begin with. Plus, we can offer education to you and your family members to help PREVENT contracting head lice from others.  No worries if you could not make it in to see us beforehand. We will be happy to check your head after the weekend and if need be, we can provide treatment. Bottom line is we are here to help make any situation easier for you!

We wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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