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Dec 10 Before Returning To School After A Home Lice Removal, Come In For A Head Check!

Dec 10 Before Returning To School After A Home Lice Removal, Come In For A Head Check!
Today I received a telephone call at Meticulice from a women whose daughter had head lice. The mother did an at home removal (without the aid of our Ultimate Lice Fighting Comb or our non toxic removal products). After 6 hours of combing the lice out, the mother chose to call Meticulice and make an appointment for a thorough wet head check and examination.
I thought to myself, wow what a smart women! Many parents will send their child to school after the home removal assuming that all of the nits have been removed. The school nurse will check the child’s head, find nits, and send the child back home to try again. Rather than risk her child being sent home, this mother empowered herself by bringing her daughter to Meticulice for a wet head check. We found 5 – 10 nits which we removed and educated them on head lice, how to prevent a further outbreak, and how to clean her home. At Meticulice, we take pride in the education we provide!
The following day the mother brought her daughter to the school nurse along with a head check letter from Meticulice. The nurse examined her daughter, found her to be lice free, and sent her off to her class.
This is a terrific way for parents who are able to painstakingly try a removal on their own to get the reassurance that they did the job correctly. Remember leaving two viable nits in your hair can lead to more generations and a longer period of the dreaded head lice.