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Multi-Step Lice Removal Treatment Process

There are so many ways to treat head lice! Meticulice™ believes, after extensive research, that all methods are not equal and that the Shepherd Method™ of strand by strand nit removal is superior to all other treatments. This creates a foolproof method where there are no shortcuts, just successful removal of head lice & nits. Meticulice™ is a Long Island, New York based company trained & certified in the renowned Shepherd Method of head lice removal. The Shepherd Method is without a doubt, the most thorough,;manual method available. We love what we do and we take lice removal seriously! We never try to rush the job, which means that we do more than just comb.


  • Be a friend, and tell a friend. Notify your child’s school and any close friends that they may have had contact with.
  • It’s not only a matter of where they got lice, but who they may have given it to as well. Failing to notify friends may put your child at risk for re-infestation. Remember no Blame no Shame!
  • Change sheets on any bed the infested person might have slept in over the last 48 hours. Wash and dry in highest temperature recommended by manufacturer.
  • If the infested person has used a comforter or bedspread, remove from the bed for 48 hours or dry in the clothes dryer for 45 minutes on highest heat recommended by manufacturer.
  • Combs, brushes and hair ties used in the last 48 hours can be cleaned by one of the following methods:
    a. Place in a sealable bag and store in freezer overnight
    b. Place in the dishwasher on the hot cycle
    c. Soak in alcohol, ammonia, or dish detergent for a minimum of two hours;
    d. Boil in water for 10 to 15 minutes;
    e. Do not use for at least 48 hours (good for hats and helmets).
  • Vacuum areas where person frequently sits or lays, including floors, carpets, rugs, furniture, auto and other upholstered items. A sheet can be used to cover areas for a 48 hour period. Lint rollers can also be helpful in the car and on furniture.
  • If your child sleeps with stuffed animals, dolls or a favorite blanket or pillow, these can be placed in the drier on high for at least 30 minutes or in a tied-off plastic bag for 48 hours.
  • Provide children with fresh pajamas and bath towels

*Note: Head lice can only be contracted by an actual bug. Once a nit (egg) comes off the individual’s head, it is not able to reattach to anyone*