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In order to provide our 30 day Happiness Guarantee…

We urge you to follow our recommended Aftercare Protocol, which includes a post-treatment head check appointment and weekly combings for the affected individuals. It is a critical part of our full treatment and service.

Since the appearance of head lice arises from interaction with others, it is impossible to guarantee the duration of our services’ effectiveness, which have been designed to make you or your affected family free of head lice once you have completed our service.

Every person living with the treated individual must have a head check by Meticulice experts. If additional cases are identified, Meticulice will treat the affected individual(s).

The post-treatment recheck appointment is scheduled and MUST be adhered to within 2-7 days of treatment. Aftercare Protocol guidelines, including a minimum of weekly combing with the comb utilized for treatment must be followed on an ongoing basis. Evidence of existing lice must be brought to us for analysis.

Meticulice does not provide a refund should you find the continued appearance of head lice. It is just so easy to be re-infested; that is why we urge you to follow these series of steps when you are scheduled for an appointment.

If you have followed these guidelines and either you or the treated family member has a return of head lice infestation within 30 days, we will provide post treatment removal services at no charge.

We want every client to be a happy client. We know that having lice is a very stressful situation and while you may feel it reflects on your personal care – we know that is not the case. That is why we strive to work with you and other community members to ensure that you are completely educated about the source, prevention and cure of head lice. If you would like us to speak at your school, camp, health care facility or other organization.. we are always happy to do so!