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I have been referring many of my patients to Meticulice. Their expertise in diagnosing and treating head lice are by far more effective than purchasing over the counter products, which are ineffective and toxic.

Avatar Pediatrician Mt. Sinai, NY

We recommend the Meticulice products to all of our clients. We have found that they are effective and healing to the scalp and prevent unnecessary hair loss, which may occur with over the counter treatments.

Avatar Dermatologist East Setauket, NY

Last year, my two children (8 and 4) got head lice for the first time. I had never dealt with it before, so I followed the directions on the box, which said to do a treatment, pull out all of the nits, wait for seven to 10 days, and then do another treatment because that is when any new bugs will hatch. The problem with that is you don’t know when the eggs were laid, so they could hatch at anytime and become adults and lay more eggs before you even do the second treatment. Therefore, I did the second treatment four days after the first one. I then did a third treatment four days after that. Still we had bugs and nits. I then did some research and found Meticulice. I cannot thank The attentive staff they were able to see us that day and my children were able to return to school the next day Lice free.

Avatar Tracey P., RN East Setauket, NY
  • Really love the smell of this product. My children let me use it on them without a problem. It detangles my daughter’s hair wonderfully

    Stephanie A.
    Wading River, NY

  • Smells great! Detangles hair very well. Plus I spray it on my kid’s coats etc….

    Holbrook, NY

  • This tutorial was amazing! Very helpful in walking me through the removal process when I used the eliminator kit at home on my daughter. . Entertaining as well, which my daughter enjoyed. Thanks Meticulice!

    Wilmington, DA

  • After ordering Minty & Melly’s Take A Peek Once A Week Kit, I was pleased about the quality of the LED Magnifying Glasses! They helped me greatly in looking thoroughly through my daughter’s hair!

    Scranton, PA

  • Thank you for creating this amazing business!!!!!!!! You really saved my life!!! Kristin and her team are so amazing! I cannot tell you how warm and wonderful she made us feel from the moment we walked in! She is so educated and strong yet warm and understanding!! I am excited to continue going monthly to visit.
    I am your biggest spokesperson I have shared material with school, family neighbors etc. Kristin and team are worth a million!

    Thank you
    Camp Director

  • From the moment we walked in to Meticulice I knew I had made the right decision to have my family checked for Head lice Elissa and her staff were very supportive and found that only one of my three very long hair daughters had head lice. They guided me in the steps to clean my home and eased many of my concerns. I cannot thank you enough my daughter was back in school the next day.

    Stony Brook, NY

  • From the moment I called Meticulice I knew I was in the right hands it was a Holiday weekend and Elissa made special appointments for my family.  When we arrived at Meticulice© I could not believe how warm and comforting her boutique was my hair salon is not even this nice!  We were treated and educated on how to clean and continue prevention at home and on our recheck we were clear!  We now come in for our monthly prevention program which has really calmed my fears about getting head lice in the future.

    Selden, NY

  • After trying repeated attempts over the period of two months to remove my daughters head lice using the over the counter products.  I called Meticulice and spoke with Elissa who gave me a terrific education and answered all of my questions and concerns.  We made an appointment and Elissa recommended I bring my whole family in to be checked as well. We arrived and her facility was amazing bright cheery and clean, which was my biggest fear.  Elissa and her staff checked all of our heads and we all had lice yikes.  I was so unaware how it could spread so quickly.  I am grateful for the time spent after the two months to remove the lice for good.  We bought some prevention and hair care products as my daughters scalp was very irritated and I am very pleased to say we are all clear and my daughters scalp is all healed.

    Mary C.
    Hauppauge, NY

  • Meticulice came to the rescue when we had a low level but on-going problem with lice at our school. Elissa and her staff were knowledgeable, confident, and calm. They checked all of the children, provided parent education, and were able to discreetly identify and focus attention on the few students who needed thorough treatment. Their total treatment “kits” were much appreciated by our parents. As an administrator, I appreciated that Elissa is able to give factual information to the parent body and at the same time clearly respect the school leadership’s responsibility to be the decision makers regarding health policy. I recommend Meticulice to any school as an affordable way to get total peace of mind when dealing with lice at school.

    Dan S.
    Miller Place, NY

  • My son and I contacted lice through a family member. We had lice over a month before we knew we were infested. The family member didn’t tell us about it because they were embarrassed that they had it. Anyway, I notified our school nurse and she recommended Meticulice. All I can say is Thank you for saving us the repeated hours of trying to remove all of the nits and bugs (gross) and be guaranteed that they were gone. We went for our recheck appointment and were completely cleared.

    Nancy P.
    East Northport, NY

  • My 5-year-old daughter had lice in the middle of May and here it is the middle of June and we are still dealing with it. I am incredibly sick and very tired of doing non-stop laundry, bed linen changes, hair combings, and the list keeps going. Finally, I am hopeful that we are almost in the clear. I checked her hair again tonight and I still found nits and saw a few bugs.  I went online and found Meticulice© And made an appointment I cannot thank Elissa and her staff enough for supporting me through this ordeal, it was so stressful but now my daughter is 100% clear.  I highly recommend Meticulice to any friends or family they were truly a lifesaver.

    Lindsay G.
    Preschool Teacher
    St James, NY

  • I am a preschool teacher and even know I had a mild case of head lice it was extremely upsetting nonetheless. I was treated very professionally and was given education as to how to prevent this from occurring in the future. The follow-up appointment (for the guarantee) went well and I was glad I followed ALL the advice on home treatment. I am most grateful for the peace of mind that goes along with professional, competent treatment. I understand the quality control is very high and that’s comforting.

    Mary C.
    Preschool Teacher
    Medford, NY

  • Meticulice is a fantastic resource for summer camps! Their method of checking camper heads for lice is far better than we can do on our own with our summer staff. The treatment method, which Meticulice uses, is a greener and healthier method then conventional treatments and is in line with the goals of our camp; to protect camper health and the environment. Elissa is responsive and easy to work with and her staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Meticulice, Inc. to all camp directors.

    Diane S.
    Children of America Childcare
    Setauket, NY

  • I cannot thank Elissa enough after going to the dermatologist for months and getting prescription medication to eradicate my head lice problem I still was not able to combat the problem. Elissa explained that unless all of he nits were removed that during my repeated treatments they could still survive the prescription I was using. After one visit I was free and clear of head lice after spending over $400 on copays and countless hours trying to rid myself of this problem. Finally it is gone, I wish I had called Meticulice first!

    Jessica L.
    East Setauket, NY

If you are reading this testimonial than you probably have lice. STOP READING and pick up the phone and call Meticulice. I promise you it will be the best money you’ve ever spent! Thank you to the wonderful staff at Meticulice©. You took us in at what seemed like our darkest hour and turned the tears of my wife and children into laughter. We had spent hundreds of dollars in just 2.5 weeks before coming to you on what we now know as failed heated air device treatments. Beyond stating the obvious that the heated air device doesn’t work, I can also tell you that I feel completely ripped off by the company that provided this service. We had been told at those treatments that any remaining nits and bugs in our hair were dead or dying and not to worry. Comb if you want, but you don’t have to was the information provided to us. Unfortunately this was untrue information. When we discovered lice on our heads once again, I thought my wife was going to have to be sedated.
Lice were just one of many things going on in our life at the time and the rediscovery basically was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I called Elissa at 5:30 on a Wednesday night, just as the shop was closing. She could hear the desperation in my voice and didn’t hesitate a moment when she said to come right in. They immediately checked all of us and found that all three that had been treated (I was the only one that escaped) still had many live lice and multiple nits. These women not only stayed late and worked tirelessly on my family, but they fed us, entertained us and literally turned the entire event into a lice party.
I cannot say enough good things about our experience at Meticulice. This company is clearly dedicated to customer service and making their clients feel very special. We have been lice free for many weeks now, but the lice education that was provided to us by Meticulice will be with us forever. I will always be grateful to you for what you did for my family and you know I will be spreading the word far and wide.
Avatar Stew & Susan S. Smithtown, NY
  • Nicole M. Nicole M. St. James, NY
    My 14-year-old daughter Samantha along with our family of 5, caught lice from her best friend from the city. We received the call from her mom and she told us that the lice salon said her daughter’s case of lice was so advanced that she had had it for several weeks, which would date back to his visit with us. The search was “on” for me with my family. I searched all heads and kept on searching. I could not find the lice. Tuesday evening my daughter was on the couch reading and I was in the kitchen when I heard a scream, “Mom! Is this what you were looking for?” I went over to her and, sure enough, she had a very mature louse in her fingertips. I combed my daughter’s entire head for 3 hours and she was still totally infested with lice and eggs. The combs were not adequate and I was outnumbered! We went online and found Elissa and Meticulice.

    Kristin, my lice removal Specialist combed my daughter for 2.5 hours and my 3 year old and I for about 45 minutes each, we had as well. Success! We all finally felt relief from all of the scratching. The experience with Meticulice© was highly educational and effective. We learned about lice, their habits and how to get rid of them from head to house. Elissa and her assistant Kristin truly care about people. They even 100% guarantees their work. I would highly recommend Meticulice© for the most effective and friendly way to deal with lice.

  • Thank you Meticulice back in October my daughter and I went to a lice removal facility to have our head lice removed. When we went back for our recheck the lady was extremely rude and unsupportive when we arrived a little earlier for our appointment. At that time she said we were clear, a few days later I noticed my daughter was scratching her head again! I was not going to call this rude company again so I called Meticulice, Elissa was compassionate and supportive and checked us both again; my Daughter still had lice as we thought.

    After another treatment was done the proper way and the education and tools to properly make sure another child at school we went home was not reinfesting us feeling relieved. On our subsequent visit to be rechecked we were clear!

    I cannot tell you how comforting it is know that there are good supportive well trained Head Lice companies that care about the individual as opposed to the $$ they can make. Please check the reputation of a company before you choose them it can make a world of difference.

    Susan P.
    Ronkonkoma, NY

  • Sarah M. Sarah M. Stony Brook, NY
    Both my husband and I and the school nurse checked my daughter’s head and she was lice-free, so imagine my surprise when five days later we received a call from the school nurse saying she had head lice! Since then, it has been gorilla warfare here against the lice, and I feel we were almost torturing her. We washed everything, vacuumed every day, and did everything but shave her head or put kerosene on it. Talk about fighting a losing battle! Finally I called Meticulice Elissa spent the time on the phone to explain why after repeated attempts to remove the lice it was not working and what I needed to do.  I was able to get an appointment right away for my daughter and I and after a few hours we were both lice free (turned out I had lice too!).  Elissa went over the best methods to comb to make sure we did not get lice from a friend that may still have lice and how to check frequently so this does not ever happen again.  If it ever does I am not spending over 20 hours trying to remove them again I am just going to call Meticulice.

  • Natalie P. Natalie P. Mt. Sinai, NY
    I’ve been through one round of lice with one of our daughter two years so I was not pleased to discover another case on another daughter the 2nd week of winter vacation. I dreaded facing countless hours of nit-picking her and checking my other two daughters. After a couple days we discovered I had them as well. My husband really didn’t know what to look for so I turned to the Internet to find a service that could treat us. I had read about professionals who come to your house but then I found Meticulice. Luckily they were nearby and got us right in. They treated the two of us and checked the rest of my family. Elissa and her staff were so thorough we came out of there in a few hours 100% lice free. For anyone who has ever had lice in their household, you know how disruptive it can be and how long it takes to get rid of them. Meticulice saved my Vacation – instead of checking heads and doing extra laundry and housecleaning for weeks and weeks, we were able to get right back to our life. I would highly recommend Meticulice to anyone, adult or child.