Our Story

Meticulice™ was born following my own family’s experience with head lice. One afternoon, my daughter came home from camp with head lice, and I soon discovered that I had it too!
Hoping to become clear of the problem immediately, I found the information available to be confusing and contradictory. Even our family physician was unable to provide a referral for help.

The conventional products and methods were not working to eliminate the lice. Frustrated, I decided to travel some distance to a Shepherd Method ™ service, where I found the support my family needed. I learned that the problem of lice is growing—that between 6 and 12 million school children per year will get head lice—but that there were steps we could take to prevent another infestation. It occurred to me how much our area of Suffolk County needed a service that would help individual families rid themselves of lice.

I completed a rigorous training course at the Shepherd Institute for Lice Solutions in Florida, where I received a certification in the Shepherd Method™ technique. Bringing knowledge and proven methods to Meticulice™ in East Setauket, where in addition to successfully ridding clients of head lice, I have developed a clinically tested natural non-toxic prevention & elimination product line to support families both near & far. Our specialists provide factual information and education to both families and groups, through conducting low-cost screenings and support to school organizations, day care centers, camps and parent groups about head lice.