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Meticulice’s Lifetime Prevention Program

Meticulice is dedicated to helping our clients stay lice-free after treatment! So much so, that we offer a Lifetime Guarantee!

If you choose to not participate in the Lifetime Guarantee – you are still covered under our 30-day happiness guarantee.

Meticulice is here to help you to remove the stress from an already stressful situation.


$50 per family for the year

Schedule a head check every month for $20 each.

If at any time lice is found, we remove for FREE! (You must come in each month, otherwise you will be charged for the removal)

*One year includes the following per family*:

2 free head lice removals

5 ½ price head lice removals

If for any reason you continue to have head lice within the year and have used all of your above options, we will gladly complete a removal for you at normal price.

Includes 20% off all Meticulice products!

Policy & Guidelines:

  • Membership fee $50 per household
  • Monthly fee $20 per designated individual
  • Upon beginning our lifetime guarantee, you must designate members of the household who will be covered on a monthly basis.
  • Any additional family member(s) added to your household’s guarantee at a later date must be cleared during an initial head check. Family members that aren’t designated and have not been checked monthly would be charged our regular removal rates
  • Each month, the designated individual(s) who gets checked is required to come in for a discounted wet head check
  • If lice are found during any head check, it will be removed within the guidelines listed above

You must complete treatment with Meticulice, including the free mandatory final check. All immediate family members (those living under one roof) must be checked and treated, if necessary, by Meticulice. Families with two households must have all family members, in both households, checked and treated, if necessary, by Meticulice. Head checks are $30 and should be done ASAP, so our original treated client will not be at risk for re-infestation. If all family members are not checked and/or treated – the guarantee is void. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Immediately following treatment, the lifetime guarantee begins in 30-day increments. You must visit Meticulice every 30 days to complete a $20 head lice check. NO EXCEPTIONS. Upon completion of a head check, the guarantee is extended for an additional 30 days. The guarantee begins on date of your cleared recheck. (Example: Initial clearance of Jan. 1, client must come in for next appointment anywhere from 2 days prior to two days after Feb. 1, Mar. 1, April 1, etc.).

These checks must occur or the guarantee will be void. Extensions will not be granted. NO EXCEPTIONS. Failure

to cancel a 30-day check without 24 hours notice, or a missed appointment for a 30-day check, will void the guarantee. NO EXCEPTIONS.

If any lice or nits are found at anytime during the guarantee, you must save what you find. If you do not save what you find, you will be required to pay for a check to determine if you have any evidence of head lice—NO EXCEPTIONS.

If you are found to have head lice at anytime during the guarantee, you will be retreated for free. Guidelines will be the same for an original treatment including checking and treating all family members if necessary. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Follow these guidelines and your family will be lice free.

Enjoy your 20% discount on all Meticulice products year round!