Lice Aftercare Center

Why do I have to comb my hair if you removed all of the lice & nits on my first visit!?

It is imperative to comb after your lice removal to ensure that all lice and nits are gone. Another very important reason is because this is a great way to prevent head lice from reoccurring, since often times a person is unaware of where it came from in the first place. Remember that it is also important to have all family members screened and treated if needed to avoid cross contamination and to maintain the 30 day guarantee that Meticulice provides.

To be refreshed on how to perform a proper Wet Head Check, see our Health Care Practioner Page, here!:


  • Be a friend, and tell a friend. Notify your child’s school and any close friends that they may have had contact with.
  • It’s not only a matter of where they got lice, but who they may have given it to as well. Failing to notify friends may put your child at risk for re-infestation. Remember no Blame no Shame!
  • Change sheets on any bed the infested person might have slept in over the last 48 hours. Wash and dry in highest temperature recommended by manufacturer.
  • If the infested person has used a comforter or bedspread, remove from the bed for 48 hours or dry in the clothes dryer for 45 minutes on highest heat recommended by manufacturer.
  • Combs, brushes and hair ties used in the last 48 hours can be cleaned by one of the following methods:
    a. Place in a sealable bag and store in freezer overnight
    b. Place in the dishwasher on the hot cycle
    c. Soak in alcohol, ammonia, or dish detergent for a minimum of two hours;
    d. Boil in water for 10 to 15 minutes;
    e. Do not use for at least 48 hours (good for hats and helmets).
  • Vacuum areas where person frequently sits or lays, including floors, carpets, rugs, furniture, auto and other upholstered items. A sheet can be used to cover areas for a 48 hour period. Lint rollers can also be helpful in the car and on furniture.
  • If your child sleeps with stuffed animals, dolls or a favorite blanket or pillow, these can be placed in the drier on high for at least 30 minutes or in a tied-off plastic bag for 48 hours.
  • Provide children with fresh pajamas and bath towels

*Note: Head lice can only be contracted by an actual bug. Once a nit (egg) comes off the individual’s head, it is not able to reattach to anyone*