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Lice Screening and Lice Prevention

Lice Check

School / camp / daycare Head Lice screenings

Meticulice Awareness and Head Lice Prevention Services Program specializes in the removal and treament of head lice from children.  We provide lice-screening & lice elimination for schools, daycare centers and camps on Long Island.  Our service is cost effective and efficient.  We are able to check 100 children in as little as an hour.

We can schedule full school screenings with our trained specialists after each major vacation break and you can setup rechecks as needed

Meticulice is here to help your school, camp, day care center or after-school program. Our MAPS program provides informative and lice prevention information at no cost. We can update parents, teachers, students and organizational leaders on facts of lice; in a 15-20 minute session. Call today to schedule your program.

Rechecks include positive cases and the affected classes, as well as absentees from the original screening.
If at any time, students still need to be screened, we will be happy to offer a free screening at our lice treatment boutique in East Setauket.

To Schedule school, Camp or daycare screening or for more information, please Contact Us