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Insured and screened lice removal specialists

Our staff is carefully trained to remove head lice and ready to answer all of your questions. We are here to support you and make what can be a stressful situation, as simple as possible.


Confidential & discrete

Be rest assured that we will not share your personal information with anyone. Our goal is to make you feel at home, if you are feeling uncomfortable, we also have a back door that you can enter and exit from discretely.


Multi-step head lice removal system, using our patented lice removal serum booster

Meticulice is certified in using “The Shepherd Method” of lice removal. This is a multi-step process created by Katie Shepherd that effectively removes head lice, all while using non-toxic and all-natural products.
We recently launched our exclusive “Solve It! Serum”, which contains ingredient blend that is a powerful boost in supporting us during your head lice removal. It’s also available for purchase on-site and online!


Free follow up support

After your removal, we have an Aftercare Protocol for you to follow to ensure a successful transition to your lice-free home. You will return to our office within 7 days for a free re-check and at that point you should have a clear bill of health!



Our office offers a friendly, warm atmosphere with plenty of seating for you and your family. Feel free to bring an iPad, etc. to enjoy during your visit with us.


Minty & Melly’s Dynamic Duo Lice Prevention Kit

Kit de Dynamic Duo Prevención de Piojos de menta y de Melly

Minty & Melly’s Lice Eliminator Kit

Kit de piojos Elimator de menta y de Melly

Solve It! Serum™

Solve It Serum

Our Promise

We support you every step of the way, using only the safest, most effective and non-toxic products and methods. We guarantee or work and provide you with education and guidelines on following up at home, as well as prevention going forward.

We Diagnose & Treat

Superlice Will Not Get in Our Way!

Check out Minty & Melly’s Lice Eliminator Kit!

We are giving you the tools for success.


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  • as a kid did you ever have head lice? December 16, 2017
    No and I never knew of anyone in my generation who had them either. We made jokes at school about cooties and I didn't realize they were head lice. We had DDT back then and that stuff would kill any insect and it was used liberally. We also didn't have many falcons, hawks or eagles […]
  • Head lice removal December 16, 2017
    Are you stressed and overwhelmed with head lice. I am here to get rid of the head lice in your hair & home. My education , and experience being a parent , and an early childhood educator of 16...



What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Beth Beth Richmond, VA
    After ordering Minty & Melly’s Take A Peek Once A Week Kit, I was pleased about the quality of the LED Magnifying Glasses! They helped me greatly in looking thoroughly through my daughter’s hair! Lice is horrifying.

    – Melanie

  • Julie Julie Boone, IA
    Your Head Lice Detection Kit we purchased is great!  My daughter thinks it is hilarious when I put on the Led glasses – its great for me since i can see her scalp clearly to spot any critters!  So far we have been free!  Thanks Meticulice you are such a LICE saver
  • Elaine Elaine Westerville, OH
    Wow this Elimination kit was a lifesaver!  I cannot tell you how many kits I have tried that did not work until this one arrived yesterday!  I followed the tutorial that was not only informative but easy to understand!  The glasses were amazing and the products smelled good.  The best part was after the combing and combing,  I finally think I got all the buggers out.  I like that you recommend using prevention afterwards as well.  I will be ordering your prevention kit tomorrow!   Thanks Meticulice!